The investor visa allows an individual who has a substantial amount of cash to legally work, live, and travel in the United States. The family members of an investor can legally live and work in the United States under this visa type. Visas for Investors are available in a wide variety. It's called the E-1 Treaty Traer. You can also get the E-2, or Treaty Investor. Also, there is the E5 Visa for investors.

The purpose of an investor visa is to aid the United States' economy. These visas require significant amounts of cash, which is usually $500,000 or more in American dollars. Investor visas used to require at least a $1 million investment.

In the 1990s this policy was revised to increase the appeal of the United States and attract more wealthy investors. Most foreign nationals must create at least ten direct or indirect jobs to qualify. Investments must be made into companies which have been approved by the United States federal government.

There are no specific requirements, but there are some general ones for E5 visas. These will all have their own requirements. Treaty Traders must possess a passport from a designated treaty country to qualify for this visa. US Immigration and Nationality Act provisions outline the countries that are treaty partners. International trade must amount to a significant amount. However, a precise amount was not given. Titles to traded products must move from country-to-country. The United States firm where the foreign national is to work must originate from the same nation as the candidate. It is necessary that the individual hold an executive, managerial or other essential post within the firm. Investors who apply for the Treaty Trader Visa must be highly-skilled.

E-2 Treaty visa requirements are identical to previous visas. It is necessary that the visa applicant be a citizen of one of those countries included in the Us Immigration and Nationality Act. You'll need to make a significant investment. Even though the exact amount of investment is not stated, it should be high enough to guarantee the operation and success of your business.

In order to avoid funds sitting in the bank, they must be used for a legitimate business. The funds must be invested in a way that will have an impact on American economy. Also, the investor has to maintain full control over the investment. The investor can't be an unqualified worker, and must hold either a key executive or management position at the company. This gives the investor the chance to lead and manage the process of collecting investment funds.

You can also apply in your home country. In order to apply, you must visit either the US Consulate or embassy located in that country. A mandatory interview is required for those aged between 14 and79. There are varying waiting times.